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At Klavim Bakfar you can enjoy a variety of services, one of them is dog training, for all purposes and all levels,  including puppy training, behavioral problems, therapy dogs, guard dogs etc. The training is according to you and your dog's needs and a dedicated team member will build a program and execute accordingly.

Join our group training or, leave your dog for a fun relaxing vacation and receive an happy and well trained dog home. You can also receive private lessons at your premises.

The training will be executed by a well trained professional that can take care of any issues arising and fulfill your goals.


The professional training team is headed by the owner Niv Zadik, expert on dog's behavioral problems and, senior tutor in dog training courses. He oversees and guides the team to perform and reach the goals at hand.

Additional services:

  • Renting,selling, and placement services of security and guard dogs
  • Therapy work with children with fears and phobias with great results
  • Training of working dogs for special needs
  • Whelping services for pure breed dogs