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 A dessert Oasis in the middle of the country!


 The way to Klavim Bakfar entitles a short trip on a pebbled road through green orchards not far from the Ben  Gurion Airport. Upon your arrival you immediately see a large green field with fun activity objects spread out.

 Klavim Bakfar opened in 2005 when the owners Niv Zadik and Yossi Duanis were looking for a place in the  center of Israel to work as dog trainers. Both are professional dog trainers since 1995 and wanted to open a  pension fitting their own vision. After a long search they finally arrived to the outskirts of the Moshav Beit Nechemia . A  desserted hen house and man-high grass and bushes covered the grounds but both saw the potentials for their vision of a paradise for dogs.Yossi and Niv worked hard and built rooms with run yards, grew a grass field of as size of a football field for dogs to run in.