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Going on vacation? Moving? Need some rest? Your trusted friend also deserves a vacation!!

At Klavim Bakfar a boarding was opened for your peace of mind and it was designed and built with your dog's health and safety in mind. 

Most rooms have a yard adjacent to the room where your dog can go out whenever he feels like it. Most rooms are also big enough for more than one dog if you would like him to be with a companion. The building is designed with all weather conditions in mind and there are rooms with heating/air conditioning per request.

At Klavim Bakfar your dog will spend most of the day running around playing, or just relaxing on a grass field larger than 1000m. The closed off field is partially shaded and there are training objects and agility facilities for your dog's every wim, while supervised by one of the employees.

The owners and employees make an experienced and loving team that can answer any reqierments from either you or your dog. All employees are certified dog trainers and only have your dog's best interest at heart.

Klavim Bakfar has a dedicated vet supervising.

Requirements to leave your dog at Klavim Bakfar: 

  • Puppies are welcome after they received all shoots
  • Passport with all necessary shots up-to-date
  • Klavim Bakfar feed their dogs with quality food for dogs but you are welcome to bring your dog's food too
  • You are welcome to leave a toy or any other personal belonging to make your dog feel more at home
  • Dogs with special medical needs will continue to receive their treatments by our compitent team
  • Our dedicated vet comes for regular visits and is always on call for emergencies

There is an option to train your dog during his stay at Klavim Bakfar, for more information click here