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Niv Zadik (Owner)

A professional dog trainer from 1997, a specialist in dog behavior and a mentor for many trainers. In 2005, together with his partner Yossi, he established "klavim bakfar" - a shepherd dog kennel and pension. Father of two daughters, cat and lots of puppies. Niv graduate the first official service dogs course in Israel, a qualified graduate of several advanced dog training courses in the Israeli Association of Dogs in a variety of dog breeding disciplines, and a professional training course in the Israeli Dog Training Center. Essential for people with special needs.


Yossi Duannis (Owner)

A dog trainer from 1997, co-owner and co-founder of "klavim bakfar" . Specializes in training service dogs for the disabled and problem solving behaviors for family dogs. Yossi graduated the first official service dogs in Israel and he knew Niv and since then. now they share vision and path. Father of two sons, daughter and Sparrow the border collie.


Lior Mizrahi (Dog Trainer)

Trainer and behavioral handler for dogs from 2016. Father of Lonney the Australian Shepherd. "The tremendous love and connection to dogs and animals has always been a part of me and these have grown by me every time since I can remember. The decision to go professional came when Lonney came into my life, so I realized that I wanted to make my hobby a profession. I practice positive reinforcement training with the desire to understand the dog's language and what motivates it, and in doing so produce the dog successfully with its owners, increase good behaviors and moderate or eliminate the bad ones. In addition, he regularly engages in dog sports such as frisbee, agility and sheep herding. "In my work with klavim bakfar, I get to escort puppies from their first day in the world until they ready to move to their new home. It is always exciting to help through the training process for good dog habits, so that it grows to be a stable, balanced and happy dog ​​and can be an integral part of the family he came to with appropriate education and care. "


Shaked Rothschild (Dog Trainer)​

Train dogs from 2011, and part of the klavim bakfar team from 2013 . Dad to Banjo, Delta, Piwi and Morris - the Australian kelpie dogs. "From a young age, I wanted a dog, my mother wouldn't. She flinched at dogs and my plea didn't help. When I was 15, I found A stray dog in the kibbutz, a charming black puppy. I took him home and managed to convince my mother that it should stay. The beginning of my doggy journey started when I joined a year of service in dog training for the benefit of the security system, where I realized that I wanted to work with dogs in my adult life as well. I started to dog training School and at the same time I worked in klavim bakfar. The combination of professional knowledge in the course and the practice in pension work have made me a better educator. Over the years I have participated in various dog training courses, such as: Working Dog Training Course, Dog Frisbee Seminar, Sheep Herding and Agility, which have given me more tools to work with the dogs and their owners. "


Ifat Cohen (Veterinarian)

Mother to Hop and Rock - the Border Collie dogs, Fun the Shetland Sheepdog Whiskey the cat and Two Chinchillas. Before you meet her, her gang will make sure to welcome you! Caring for animals has always been a top priority for ifat, and to understand the dogs better she decided to study dog training in 2010 and joined klavim bakfar team. At the same time, she began veterinary studies at the Hebrew University's Kurt School of Veterinary Medicine. ifat's knowledge and experience in dog training and behavior makes her a veterinarian that dogs particularly love.

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