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Our breeds.


Border Collie

We breed quality Border Collies with a winning combination of beauty and character. Our dogs are highly successful both inside and outside the show ring/working trials.


Jack Russell

"Good things come in small packages". Smart and courageous are just part of the characteristics that personalize this amazing energetic small breed. A great dog in a small body.


Australian Shepherd

We started breeding Australian Shepherds in 1998 and for the last decade we have expanded with new and exciting blood lines. Here in Israel we are proud to say that we breed responsibly and use DNA tests to ensure healthy blood lines for healthy dogs. Roei Hakfar is one of the leading kennels breeding Australian Shepherds here in Israel.


Shetland Sheepdog

The smallest of the shepherds, the Shetland Sheepdog, often called the Sheltie. A small, compact and charming shepherd dog. Wonderful, gentle, sociable and just great character, suitable for every home and family.



The subtle giants of the habitat. The dogs boast impressive size and thick fur, on the one hand tough dogs and on the other hand wonderful family dogs. Balanced and gentle towards family and animals.

Breed standards

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